Monday, October 26, 2015

✨s✨Liza Probz✨s✨ The Vartik King Chronicles: The Complete Series: (An Alpha Alien Romance Serial) (The Vartik Chronicles Book 1) 4.99 ** 18+ Sexual situations and harsh language Jazmine Vallum is on the hunt for something precious and has gone from world to world to find it. Becoming a thief was never her goal in life, but her search requires funding and no one is willing to help, so she helps herself. Almost losing her life to a feline King, she runs into the arms of what appears to be a human male. His required payment for safe transport to the next galaxy is sex. Marek Vartik is the upcoming king of his people, a race long thought to have been extinct. He has been granted a one year reprieve to travel the galaxies and get the need for adventure out of his blood. With the desire to live on the edge and taste the pleasures of life, finding the pretty human thief was far beyond his expectations. Never has he wanted someone more. She doesn’t plan on giving him anything for his help, but he is set on taking everything – especially her heart.