Friday, October 23, 2015

★★★❤★ ❤★❤★❤★★Preorder 99 cents Limited time★★❤★❤★❤★❤★★★ Hard Money Book 3 in the Bad Money Series By Ali Parker​ ** 18+ - Language, sexual situations, drugs, gore & multiple partners There's a new threat in town and he's hell bent on destroying anything between Marcus and Kate as part of his plan. Billy is an old face and along with his return, he brings the hurts and scars from Kate's past, offering them up in a way that leaves her more broken than she thought possible. Jon continues to struggle with his attraction to Kate and his need to remain good, but when things come to the boiling point, he has a decision to make that will change everything. Hell breaks loose on the streets on New Orleans due to the increased wave of crime and mayhem. Too bad the only ones who could stop the depravity are forced into the center of it and given no choice but to push dark times upon a city under siege. An unlikely hero will emerge, but is he enough? ** Plot is subject to change as my characters are unruly bitches most days of the week. ** If you haven't Started the series Book 1 is free :) Blood Money