Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 Days and Counting..... I am getting excited. This line up is amazing and we are gonna have a kick ass time..... HEHEHEHE. Don't you just love Halloween time... smile emoticon Come Join the party.... 4:00 Matthew William Harrill 4:30 Dale Reierson 5:00 Dina Spaniotis 5:30 Cynthia Knoble 6:00 Chrissy Peebles 6:30 CK Dawn 7:00 CJ Pinard 7:30 Bella Lovewins 8:00 Karin de Karin De Havin 8:30 La Starkey Laurie Baxter Starkey 9:00 CM Doportoo 9:30 Ali Parker 10:00 WJ May Wanita May 10:30 Lexy Timms 11:00 Beth Ann Miller, Pa