Monday, November 2, 2015

♥ ✰ ✯❅ ❤. . .Sierra Rose . . .❤ ❅ ✯ ✰ What Lies Behind Us (The World War 2 Sisters Book 1) While European governments were falling, one by one, to the war machine of the German Reich, Katherine Doughty served ably and well in her assignment as TranSignal News overseas correspondent. Now she has been transferred to the London Bureau, just in time to endure the privation and terror of the Blitzkreig bombs. Dedication to her craft can’t prevent Kit from feeling a twinge of envy for her friend, Hallie Vernon, an ATS member who falls in love semi-regularly every few weeks or so. Kit, too, would like to fall in love. However, she has finally met someone: a mystery man from the London tunnels, encountered one night when the wail of the air raid sirens sent citizens scrambling for safety. He’s a Texas charmer, this Lew McAllister, and it seems that he’s as interested in her as she is in him. But, after spending time together, he disappears without a word of apology or explanation. It’s wartime, after all; and the life of each human being has been disrupted. In all the confusion, people are here, there, and everywhere, and it’s difficult keeping track even of one’s nearest and dearest. Whatever has happened to Lew, whatever kind of mystery he’s gotten himself involved in, whatever sort of character flaws he might be dealing with, Kit can only feel suspicion and doubt. Yet she can’t help wondering if she will ever see him again.